Storage Type

The concept of Storage Type has been introduced to make sure our protocol does not rely only on one storage but is flexible to accept URLs from different storages.

Each storage type is defined by:

  • ID (uint16) - a number representing the storage type in our memory

  • Name - an identifier

  • ProvidedUrl (string) - the structure of the url that needs to be passed

Each StorageType must be compliant with ItProofHashRegistryStorageTypeInterface.sol. When retrieving the URL, you can specify a _version parameter (uint256), that tells the contract how you want back the URL. Typically

  • 0: the version sent with ProvidedUrl

  • 1: the URL ready to be accessed

Currently accepted storage types

Arweave V1

Storage that uses Arweave chain (see Each file is identified by a 43 characters string, that is also the identification of the transaction on their chain.

ID: 0 ProvidedUrl: 43 characters identifying the URL

Returned URLs based on _version parameter:

  • 0 - the 43 chars passed as ProvidedUrl

  • 1 - the full URL in the form of{ProvidedUrl}

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