Business and Enterprise

At tProof we believe that blockchain is a technology from the future, for the future. As such, it has to be used as much as possible within innovative processes, that embrace everyday challenges.

To close the gap between current applications and blockchains, we offer a Cloud platform, to simplify the integration of our Smart Contracts.

Easier integration

The first goal of Cloud platform is to simplify the integration with existing systems. It is just a light middleware, ready to be used, between the customers applications and our blockchain smart contracts.

This solution allows anyone to interact with our solution, and leaving us the pain of integrating calls to smart contracts.

For a technical point of view, everything works the same, as the core technology is run through the exact same smart contracts you can directly interact with by connecting your wallet inside our dApp.


When using the Cloud platform, customers are encourage to use our UI, or to directly integrate with our APIs.

To get a sneak peek of the solution, book a free demo to explore it, seeing it live and understanding how the solution works.

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