This documentation is currently WIP! If you find some sections incomplete, please get in contact with us on Twitter or drop an email!

tProof is a Decentralize Proof of Timestamp service that you can use to certify the existence of a file at a certain point in time.

Proving a file existed at a given timestamp, and was available to a specific user is a crucial task in different areas. Let's think about healthcare, insurances, copyright infringement, law compliance for companies and much more.

Since blockchain early days, proof of timestamp has been a widely debated use case. Despite that, a tool to solve this task, that was at the same time decentralized and easy to use, hasn't been built yet.

tProof not only aims to solve this task easily, it also aims to do it with an independent, open-source, trustless and decentralized service, like all Web3 solutions should be.

Decentralized, free to use service

Adopting Web3 leading technologies and solutions, such as Ethereum as chain storage, ChainLink Oracles to verify hash/file matching, and Arweave storage, to permanently store published files, we ensure that the service does not rely on a centralized environment, and it can be integrated wherever its needed.

To better understand how it works, we highly suggest you to read this documentation in both its initial sections: How it works and Certify your first file.

A more technical description follows to better understand the core procedures. That part is targeted to those that would like to automate the interaction with our solution, or integrate our features within their projects.

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