Token and Tokenomics

We have a roadmap to release a Token between Q2 and Q3 of 2023.

The main reasons behind this choice are the following:

  • prove we can have real world customers and use cases before the release of the token

  • raise fund in a decentralized way, by allowing anyone to participate in the protocol

  • give real benefits to token holders

    • % of the fees generated on chain, directly paid to token holders

    • DAO participation

You can still support us, as we have a currently active Gitcoin grant page.

Token will be released in the form of an NFT collection, with 10,000 items, each one representing a person.

Token benefits

Two are the main benefits for token holders

  1. Earn a percentage of the fees generated by the protocol. Every proof requires a fee to be paid, and the token will collect a percentage of those fee across all the chains

  2. Participate in the DAO. Even if the project won't be directly owned by the DAO, at least in its initial phase, we believe that token holders participation can benefit the growth of the project. DAO will have the right to vote in our decisions, to help the team developing a better adopted solution

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