Certify your first file

Currently we're in Testing phase and we support only Goerli network. All the below steps can be achieved as long as you have free GoerliETH, that you can require on Goerli Faucet.

The quickest way to certify your first file, is by using our Web App, that you can access on app.tproof.io.

The certification process is divided into few simple steps:

  1. Enter the App and connect your Ethereum wallet. You must have a minimum amount of Ethereum to pay for transaction

  2. Select the files you want to certify. Make sure each file is smaller than 100MB

  3. Next to each file, decide if you want to make it public or not

  4. Click "Next" and the procedure starts uploading only the files you decided to make public

  5. Optionally, set a title to better identify your file. If not provided, the title is a shorter version of the hash. Remember that the more you write, the higher the gas cost will be, as those information are stored on chain (to simplify, you pay a fixed amount of extra gas every 32 chars)

  6. You can now review the list of files you're about to upload. Once upload is over, sign and pay the Ethereum transaction

That's all! Once the transaction is over, you'll be able to see the NFTs representing the hashes in your personal profile section, or in any NFT Marketplace.

Just publishing the hash is way cheaper than making the file public, as the operations involved are simpler.

Public file certification

If you have published one or more file, file URL certification requires more time (usually completed in 15-30 minutes).

Once operation is over, and ChainLink nodes confirm the match between File URL and hash, you'll be able to see your file and download it from your personal area, or from any website that shows your NFT's metadata (like OpenSea).

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